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Clasp’pin brand owes its origins to a claim for refund of the money paid for a backpack manufactured by an unnamed producer, namely its broken strap set which acted as if it was made of leather. I did not want to spend the money I received back on a product made of synthetic materials only, and so an idea to have a backpack of my own design produced arouse. As time passed, I gradually could not resist the temptation and in a short time I welcomed an old industrial sewing machine.


With time, this decision turned out to be very right. The process of development and adjustment of my own designs might get a bit lengthy for me as an external producer, all the more so that at that time I had a full-time job as well. However, having my own machine enabled me to try out both the possibilities and limits of the designs for myself, and so the time needed for a feedback became considerably shorter. Soon I realized that one machine was not enough and the gradual equipping and arranging of its own workshop followed.


In my previous job, I was not satisfied and I started to miss the physical contact with material. I could not resist the temptation to become the ordering party and realizer in one person and fulfilling this ambition forms my highest motivation for the future: to realize products according to my own ideas and requirements with regard to the user.

Jiří Salač

founder, owner, designer and craftsman